The List

This is the ever-changing list of things I want to do during my trip, separated by region. If there’s anything I’ve missed or that you think I should do, please let me know!

Singapore/Malaysia/Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam (already visited, just passing through on train/bus)
– Pad Thai, roadside Pho, cheap beer – the usual
– Try to stay sane while stuck on trains

– Mushroom picking in Yunnan
– Beijing things: Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, etc
– Street food everywhere
– Practice my Chinese with an old lady
– Update closer to China

– Stay in a Ger/Yurt
– See the Mongol steppes/Gobi desert
– Try yak milk/meat
– Drink with a Mongol family

– Swim and fish in Lake Baikal
– Eat Omul in Listvyanka
– Get out-drunk by an old Russian lady
– Make some friends on the Trans-Siberian
– Hiking in the taiga/mountains near Krasnoyarsk
– See the Moscow underground, Kremlin, etc

– Experience a Georgian feast
– Hitchhike from Tblisi to the Turkish border, and beyond

– Eat everything
– Hitchhike East-West to Istanbul from the Georgian border
– Meet old Turkish people and try their food. Preferably on a farm!
– Ballooning in Cappadoccia

Rest of Europe
– Meet up with exchange friends
– Sleep in a barn somewhere
– ???? Will update once in Europe

– Noma!